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We Know a Thing or Two or Three…

Learn From Our Vast Experience

Most of our sales brokers have over 10 years of supporting their clients through a wide variety of circumstances. These experiences, their challenges and triumphs make for some great stories. But more importantly it means our new clients benefit from each and every one of those collective moments within our group.

We have also nurtured relationships other key people you want on your team to make your own experience successful. This includes mortgage brokers, building inspectors, and a vast array of contractors for when you are preparing for listing your property, responding to an inspection, or for after you move in.

On Buying

Buying Property Does Not Have To Be Stressful

Getting prequalified for financing means you can quickly react when you find what you want – things go fast in the current market and you are often up against many, many competing offers. We know excellent mortgage brokers that can help you navigate financing options.

Establish your searching strategy. Knowing what is important to you in a home helps with making quick decisions (also a reality in the current climate). Separate the nice-to-haves from the deal breakers. This will also save time when deciding which properties to visit. You want to walk through the front door and feel like you are already home, BEFORE someone else does. Don’t miss out on your perfect home visiting properties that are a waste of time.

Building inspections are highly recommended, but waiving inspections is becoming a more common strategy for beating out the other offers. There are also a wide variety of types of inspections that would be ideal for different types of properties. This can be an overwhelming decision, but with us in your corner we can advise based on the situation – again drawing from our depth of experience.

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On Selling

Maximize Your Sales Profit

The market is hot. It can be your seller’s paradise, if you learn the latest trends and maximize your opportunity. Properties are selling fast, many within one day of being listed!

Deciding on your listing price can be a daunting task. Too high and you are not included in the searches by true potential buyers, and too low you are leaving money on the table. Using past sales, current market listings, and interpreting other data available we provide Competitive Market Analysis Reports (CMAs). The CMA gives you perspective on your decision on the ideal price, and all are not created equal. You want a knowledgeable and experienced broker who lives and breathes the local market preparing your CMA. And we can present the various strategies to consider when interpreting your report.

Photos do more than present your property, they justify your listing price and attract buyers to view your property. We can teach you the tricks of the trade and evaluate which features should be photographed. Professional photos and virtual tours are proven ways to attract your ideal buyer.

Focus your costs on the items that increase your asking price. Staging can often reap big rewards. Or there may be some maintenance items we recommend be addressed before you put on the market. And there are things you may feel need to be taken care of but may not be in your best interest. We can advise on the key items, help you prioritize and assist you in estimating quotes and finding the right contractor. And we know what matters most!

Navigating multiple offers is an art form – and chances of this happening are high in this market. How you choose can effect your outcome. We can revisit a large history of situations when advising you whilst making your decision.

Responding to counteroffers can be a tricky ordeal. Depending on the circumstance, there are areas to concede and times to be firm. A buyer can back out based on your response. Our experience will provide invaluable insight for your decision of how to proceed.

At the home stretch… about to close, and then something comes up. There’s escrow, title companies and banks. Up to the last moments before you close a variety of hiccups can occur. And we can again use previous examples of how previous clients sailed through the bumps in the road to advise you – and many times preempt what would have been a huge headache.

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Rental Property Diversifies Your Investments

We can pick out a profitable rental from the crowd, and help you learn how too.

Top things to look for when investing:

  • Existing rents below current market potential.
  • Identify the capital improvement opportunities and maintenance expense risk that make or break a property’s potential to cash flow and increase your returns.
  • Have top-notch Property Managers who handle the day-to-day operations, keeping the money coming so you can have your investment working for you while you get on with the rest of your live.

As a division of Green Lightning Property Management, we are able to provide investors superb insight on the various types of property and markets you can invest in. We are often informed by our Property Management clients before they put their property on the market. Owners call us as their first step in deciding whether to list their rental.

With extensive experience managing properties for property investors, we know which opportunities make the most business sense, no matter your investment strategy.

And perhaps the most important thing for a hassle free rental portfolio and maximizing your returns… we know the perfect knowledgeable Property Manager to take care of your investment. Look no further!

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For additional information on what to consider when investing in rental property. Contact our Designated Broker, Duncan Green [ 206.909.3382 ] and he can get you started on your path to building a successful rental portfolio!